Goals, are they only scored in team sport?

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Goals, are they only scored in team sport?

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) I have the privilege of learning from many people about their goals and dreams, and through my work I help people to live the life of their dreams. Mostly, I assist people who either want to transition from employment into the world of free enterprise or I work with small business professionals who are trading their time for income and want to create additional income streams so they can in most cases quite literally take a holiday or not work until the day they die because they can finally have some surety of income without it costing them personal time to achieve.

What I love about goal setting in NLP is using the S.M.A.R.T. acronym to plan a goal. In this acronym “s” refers to specific and simple. The “m” refers to measurable and meaningful to you. the “a” refers to achievable, as if now, all areas of your life, “r” refers to realistic and responsible. The “t” refers to timed and toward what you want.

You may not know that I spent 17 years in the field of sports marketing. There are many who know that I am not all that good at, nor absolutely passionate about sport. Spin class is about as much as I can deal with. It used to be a joke amongst colleagues that I was not in the industry for the chance to see incredible events. My time in sports marketing did teach me many great things, and one of these is my understanding of goals and how they are achieved.

You don’t normally see someone scoring a goal by running away from it. In sport it’s generally the theme that when you want to score a goal, you need to go toward it. So when you set a goal the next step is to take actions no matter how small to go toward it.

In team sport it’s a fluke when a player single handedly scores a goal. Mostly a goal is achieved by using the resources of other players either through their assistance with passing, their methods obstructing players who want to stop the goal being scored or their advice as they support and call out to you on your journey to scoring. That said, the second trick to scoring a goal is to use the resources of people who care about you. People who will shout support, obstruct any forces that want to thwart your efforts and people who will help you and create shortcuts for you.

Thirdly, you need to remember that sports that involve scoring a goal are team sports. Share your goals with trusted allies. This is a key secret to achieving a goal. There are so many people I know with remarkable stories about how they have achieved their goals through sharing them with others who have given scope, gusto and ideas that have led to the person achieving their dreams even faster.

Sport is not my thing, and goal setting is. Sport has taught me some fundamental principles that can be used to help achieve a goal even faster. In my work connecting with people who have the drive to achieve the life of their dreams is the fun part of being on their team and helping them achieve their goals.


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