What I love about the Hero’s Journey

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What I love about the Hero’s Journey

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature.”  – Joseph Campbell

As an entrepreneur on a mission I have had many times where I have questioned the journey, and not known the intended destination as well as I would like to. Sometimes I ask my conscious mind, that 5% of me that thinks it know what’s going on, to take a proverbial hike and let the 95% have it’s say.

Structure is always something that has appealed to me. When I was first introduced to the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell I was incredibly happy that someone had created a tangible structure that I could use to make sense of a journey that I thought would never end. This same journey is one that I could not articulate to any sane person and have them think likewise of me.

The Hero’s Journey has a number of stages and appreciating these and saved my sanity. Understanding that growing in life through experience has stages. From problem to crisis and then to resources and transformation. What I have also come to appreciate is the ease with which we can swing between problem and crisis, sometimes oblivious to resources and far too tested by the crisis to see this as a necessary trial and the gift of completion and elevation to a new level of experience.

Transformation comes from being able to stand back and look objectively at something that has otherwise immersed you into depths of subjective interrogation that are not serving the flow of life. One of the easiest ways to progress in times of crisis is to seemingly become objective to what you are subject to. Widen the options, make something focal into something peripheral.

So often I hear from incredibly talented individuals who want to progress in life to the beat of their own heart. Who are ready for free-enterprise and in a crisis about taking the first step. The challenge is that upon investigation the realisation that their struggle is primarily with self and who they take self to be, not a fact of the world in which has created around them but rather a world they they have self-created. This leads to a realisation of the source of the struggle.

Step one, notice the journey problem, crisis, resources, transformation. Or see the looping of problem, crisis, problem crisis and widen perspective to find resources.

Step two, always ask yourself to identify the source of your struggle, be accountable for your personal involvement. Notice any secondary gain you are achieving from the struggle.

Step three, become objective. Widen your view.

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