Why helping your neighbour with his retirement is your business

  • Why helping your neighbour with his retirement is your business


    “A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” Jack London Last weekend I attended an informal parent get together. About twenty couples from my daughter’s year at school were present. It was a fun night with some laughs […]

  • Money or Money & Mentor?


    “After a fashion” a mother is ecstatic that her two sons have started a business of their own. In reaching this point they’ve made a decision related to business partnerships and start up funding. The outcomes are some choices that raise questions about money and mentoring. The value of time and expertise. The value of cash. What would you choose?

  • Eating an Elephant


    About 15 years ago I joked with a friend about his business ideas and told him I hoped they would not lead him to a proverbial white elephant. He told me he’d eat the elephant one bite at a time. It was all a jest and recently we had the chance to reflect on his incredible success, the serious reasons for it and that funny day when we joked about elephants.

  • One Career, Two, Three, or More? What number are you up to?


    For the Silent Generation and many Baby Boomers one career and one job was pretty normal. Today we see Generation Y having not only multiple jobs but multiple careers. On balance this actually makes sense. Challenge is for Generation X who are in the middle. Many Generation X’s look at the resume of a Generation Y and think too many jobs, no career stability. Is this misguided? Is technology at a time where it’s normal to transition through several careers in one working lifetime? How could Generation X relook at the stigma of a mid-life crisis and maybe consider that for some these emotional crossroad situations could be resolved by giving yourself permission to make a dramatic career change without feeling lousy about your old beliefs?

  • What I love about the Hero’s Journey


    What I love about the Hero’s Journey Making a start in free-enterprise may not be easy, but, when your worst enemy and the one factor that is really putting the brakes on is simply yourself and who you take your self to be, in other words your identity needs a reality check. The best way to access and understand this process is to see how a Hero’s Journey plays out. Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is a great reminder of how to widen perspective, become resourceful and move into transformation in the flow of life.