Your Time, Your Self Worth

  • Your Time, Your Self Worth

    Your Time, Your Self Worth A number of years ago I attended a Tony Robbins Life Mastery event in Hawaii.  Even though climbing a 40 foot power pole was a definite highlight, one story shared at the conference has stuck in my mind. Tony shared a story that has stayed in my mind and changed […]

  • Switched to overdrive

    When faced with the choice of going on holiday and being made redundant while he was away this executive is not the first and will not be the last to question whether he is living to work, or working to live. Even making the choice to go on holiday, knowing you may lose your job can turn something that’s supposed to be wonderful into a miserable existence. There is a solution worth looking into.

  • Who do you need to be?

    Who do you need to be Strange as it may seem I recently decided to spend a few days thinking about how the question, “who do you need to be?” showed up in my life. I want to share this with you because it’s been an expansive journey that has led to some profound learning […]

  • Goals, are they only scored in team sport?

    Goals, are they only scored in team sport? In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) I have the privilege of learning from many people about their goals and dreams, and through my work I help people to live the life of their dreams. Mostly, I assist people who either want to transition from employment into the world […]

  • Activity to Create a Compelling Future

    “What is worse than being blind? Having sight and no vision.” ~ Helen Keller Three seemingly inconsequential personal decisions changed the course of a young woman’s life forever. To know the true depth of how profoundly different life can be, you first need to know who this incredible woman was. I meet many inspiring women […]