Who to pity more workplace bully or victim?

  • Who to pity more workplace bully or victim?


    Who to pity more workplace bully or victim? A few weeks ago a friend of mine made a Facebook Post regarding her experience turning up to work late. She’s a professional working in a big firm. She’s also a mother of two children, with two early morning drop offs followed by a 45 minute commute. […]

  • So not super


    At what stage do most people take a serious look at superannuation, longevity and future lifestyle? My answer? When it’s generally too late to do anything meaningful to preserve one’s dignity. In July 2011 The Australian newspaper reported that a $500,000 superannuation nest egg was insufficient if you chose to live comfortably, retired at 65 […]

  • Now? Is this your time?


    So often I am asked how do you know if the time is right to leave employment and start your own business?  I wish I had the answer to this.  It may have prevented me from literally living off the top ups on my credit card in the early 1990’s, something I will never do […]

  • The Biggest Crisis In Our Healthcare System


    This year in Australia alone another thousand or more qualified practitioners in alternative health care modalities will be released from their studies into the business world to practice.  I say business world because even though much of their study and training is focussed on treatments, as a practitioner many professionals find themselves running their own […]

  • Monopoly


    He was so excited to play Monopoly Millionaire. “First to 1 million, great, I can do that.” Personally I pity the pre-teen with two very competitive parents who was up for the game with Mum and Dad. You could see him thinking away, his sounds including breathing with anticipation and his gestures were clearly trying […]