Delegation and Youth

  • Delegation and Youth

    In 1960 a young migrant couple from Europe were married in Sydney. In these times it was customary to ask a man who you looked up to and who you thought could lead and support you in times of need to be your Best Man. A Best Man was not your closest buddy who knew […]

  • When the world falls on your shoulders

    One of my most treasured friends is going through a crisis of self awareness that the moment. She is exhausted, her adrenals are shot and life is tossing her in all directions. Many of her friends are concerned. The reason for their concern is that they have always seen her as the one you could […]

  • The retail start-ups that never take off

    Every since the 1980’s I have created a habit of looking at a new retail store and rating how long it will be open for. Each time I do this I cringe at the thought of what I am doing and at the same time I can hardly help myself. There is also a sense […]

  • Enough abuse, where do we start?

    Enlightening, humbling and numbing are the words I would use to describe the recent insight I was given into the extent of abuse relating to women in Australia. Through my involvement with “The Little Black Dress Group” and Janine Garner I attended a boardroom lunch with Elizabeth Broderick, Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner. The statistic discussed […]