Seizing The Opportunity

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Seizing The Opportunity

There’s a blogger out in blogging land who inspires me with his stories every Monday. His name is Darren Zwiers and he quotes himself as putting the “awe-in-some.” Recently he shared a metaphor that reminded me of a parallel in my own life.

In Darren’s story he talks about a man who goes to a farmer and asks if he can marry her daughter. The farmer makes his request conditional to the man completing a challenge. He tells the young man that he will release 3 bulls one at a time into the yard, and if the man can catch one of them he will allow him to marry his daughter. The young man sees the first bull and it’s so fierce he decides to wait for the second.  The second is even more terrifying so he waits for the third. The third is meek and mild, he thinks to himself, awesome this is the bull I will catch. He positions himself ready to catch the bull by jumping on top and grabbing it by the tail, but, misses. The bull has no tail.

Are you waiting for the next opportunity, having not seized others in the past?

The parallel that I have experienced is with a number of people who have been shy with the opportunities associated with networking.  In my working career networking has always been important and in particular in the area of showing professionals how to use networking to their advantage is establishing their business and creating annuity and non-time based income sources.

Networking takes consistent effort and when momentum happens it’s because of individual effort. The compounding effect of networking and creating residual income is quite an incredible experience. What happens with networking is that many people find the first steps really hard.  The first rejections may happen and an individual may take it personally. At the beginning they are inspired to connect with the biggest and most influential people they know and soon enough they start looking for the meekest mildest hoping they may say yes.  Just like the bull these guys have no tail, and while they may network with you, they feel like a burden.

There are three mindsets tried and tested to make networking a great asset:

First is that networking is all mathematics, a numbers game.  The greater your network, the greater your success.  Today we have the most incredible networking resources ever in the sheer number of people on the internet as a start.

Second is you need to grab the big mean bull by the horns. Don’t wait until someday. If you want to be a success in creating the life and network of your dreams, if opportunity knocks grab it.  Don’t wait for the next one. Networking is the business of now.

Thirdly, follow a system and keep it simple.  Networking is about duplication not complication.  Reinventing a formula is not the key to success in networking.  It’s simple, and that’s because it is simple.  As counter intuitive that may seem, if you want to explode your networking business you need to simplify and this will guarantee you multiply.


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