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Switched to overdrive

In was years in the dreaming, months in the planning and the days before they were due to depart were unimaginably hectic. They were ready to fly out for a three week holiday in two days time when the news came in announcing a major reshuffle of the workplace.  With baby number three on the way, he needed this job, and instinctively he knew the importance of staying back to defend himself and to prevent losing his income and his ability to support his young family.  He also desperately needed a break, his first real holiday in more than four years. The decision was agonising, and all he could think was, “am I living to work, or am I working to live?”

The question is, what is security in employment today?  Does it exist?  How is a lack of employment security impacting our ability to live happily as a consequence of our earnings from our efforts?

I meet many executives who have a similar story to the one faced by the person I am writing about.  Executives who in their late 40’s and early 50’s are excessively stressed about their job security and employment prospects.  If they lose their job, more than half will find it takes more than 12 months to find employment.  In the US more than 13 million people are counted as unemployed.  Many have young families to support, having left parenthood to later than the generations before them.

Replacement of income is an outstanding strategy for employed executives to consider as the best security around, and in my experience starting this as soon as possible is crucial in these times.  Strategies to replace time based income with annuity income is something that can be pursued with little time and no money, so long as you still have a day job.  As the face of consumer behaviour changes there has never been a better time to use the opportunity the global marketplace, internet and networking with people who are on the same page can deliver.  The pace of change is fast, and the time to create significant income replacement strategies is now.

My friend who was literally dying on the inside about whether he should take a holiday or not did in fact go away with his wife and young family.  He was clearly stressed and kept in contact with his colleagues during his time away.  After about 3 days of the holiday his five year old daughter approached him and said to him, “Dad, everyone is having a terrible time because you are so sad.”  He explained to her that something was going on at work, and this was upsetting him.  Her response was, “but, you’re not at work now Dad, so can you just be happy so we can all have a fun holiday?”  This was perhaps the answer to his question and the moment of honesty that he needed. What is my life really about?  Survival?  The realisation that perhaps he did have the equation the wrong way around. This was the moment that revealed to him that he was living to work and in this, failing to see that life is really about work providing for the joys of family time and great holidays.

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