What is your why? Why are you a leader?

Madelaine Cohen

Madelaine Cohen

Certified Trainer NLP (ABNLP)
Certified Master Practitioner NLP (ABNLP)
Master Practitioner Matrix Therapeutic Coaching®
Corporate Trainer
Leadership Trainer
Keynote Speaker
Executive Board Member in NFP Sector
Sales & Marketing Advisor
Entrepreneur since 1993
Networking Success Story

You feel as though you are a leader, you hear yourself and listen to others around you and you see yourself reaching the pinnacles of success. So how do you take the critical steps everyday? People tell you what you have is something special. You see yourself as different. Everyone comes to you for advice, and you are the ultimate referral and recommendation machine. Restaurants, lipstick, fashion, hotels, coffee. Business advice, financial advice, strategies, people in the know… If anyone wants to know they come to you. It’s your generosity, empathy, understanding, listening ear, attention to detail, peripheral vision and savvy self confidence that is exactly what you need to be a success in what it takes to be a leader.

I have been in free enterprise for more than 20 years working with large corporations, governments and big business globally. In the last 2 decades business has changed enormously and it’s the successes, lessons, people and navigation that have made it all worthwhile. Now it’s your turn. You are here because you are ready to be even more of the business success you know you can be. Part of you is asking is now the right time? It will take activity goals, the right mental attitude, a niche that you love, outstanding communication to become an even greater leadership success story.

Led by more than 21 years experience as an entrepreneur in leadership development, communications, retail marketing, brand development, sales training, and building successful businesses, Madelaine transforms lives through innovative, fun and out of the ordinary commercial solutions.

Madelaine is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Developed in the 1970’s NLP is based on the patterns of our brain, emotions and body that create our behaviours. In other words NLP studies and transforms “how” we do what we do, and how we can change this to achieve even more of what we want in life and influence others as leaders. Madelaine teaches NLP skills to people who want to truly excel in professional development, organisational excellence, influence and leadership.

Madelaine transforms people and organisations with proven, easily implemented techniques leading to outstanding client engagement, client retention, sales, income, profit and happiness.

In the early-1990’s Madelaine began her career as a Retail Marketing Specialists and from 1996 was a Consultant and seconded Manager to Olympic, Commonwealth Games and Asian Games Marketing & Consumer Products Departments spanning 15 years. In this time, Madelaine’s successful company and staff worked globally delivering profitable and innovative outcomes to Government and Organising Committees delivering more than $100 million in revenue to our clients.

Her interest in the healthcare industry started in 1998 alongside her husband Dr Michael Cohen (Chiropractor). Madelaine was instrumental in developing the brand positioning and marketing of Chirosports, now one of Australia’s most established groups of Chiropractors with clinics across greater Sydney. Madelaine continues to have a role as Marketing Director for Chirosports.

As an NLP Trainer, Corporate Trainer and Leadership Development Consultant with more than 20 years of commercial and corporate expertise Madelaine shares techniques that deliver transformational results.

What do you want to do?

  • Stop procrastinating and get motivated?
  • Be debt free and financially independent?
  • Have the relationship of your dreams?
  • Learn to be an even better leader?
  • Get your career on track and find your purpose?
  • Communicate, negotiate and influence effectively?
  • Have personal growth and tools to help others?
  • Start a successful business or grow your enterprise?

Is that a yes?
It all starts with Lipstick Learning.