Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

I am one of the lucky people in this world who are fortunate enough to know Maddie both personally and professionally. She is both strategic and detail-oriented, and always knows inherently what is best for her clients. Maddie is extremely passionate about health and well-being and practises it in her everyday life, so it is wonderful to see her combine her passion with her business acumen. She is an absolute wonder woman whom I hope you all have the pleasure of working with at some point in your life. 

Pip DavisDirector, Business DevelopmentICLP (International Customer Loyalty Programmes)

Maddi is a great mentor and inspiration in what life can be if you are willing to take it by the horns and charge in the direction of your dreams! She is a true professional and really understands what health professionals need inorder to thrive in today’s economy. Aside from her marketing and customer service skills, Maddi continually help me expand my horizons and identify opportunities that were not readily apparent to me! I continue to implement her ideas and they continue to make me money. She has solid morals and is a just awesome to be around!

Dr Steven LockstoneTechnology Entrepreneur & Lead-Gen SpecialistChiropractor

I can honestly recommend Maddi Cohen as a collaborative and entrepreneurial business woman with a solid 20 year background in free enterprise. She is making a huge impact in the anti-aging industry through her awareness of the changing market and her belief in the industry. In mentoring Maddi over a period of time I was able to see the ‘behind the scenes’ intention and purpose with which she directed her client interactions and this is congruent with the way she runs her business today, especially with her unique mentoring and training of business leaders in increasing their own clients and sales.

Bernadette McClellandHelping salespeople get products to market faster!

I have come to know Madelaine through our shared membership of The Little Black Dress Group. As a business woman, I utilize all manners of social media daily; what I do not do is issue recommendations for those who I cannot speak with certainty and experience of. With Madelaine, it is a pleasure to say that if you are savvy enough to engage her expertise and services, you have added a significant benefit to your circle of business excellence.

Madelaine can talk the talk and walk the walk, she has years of proven business results in all financial climates to validate her formulas for success. In addition to this, she is a top blokess! Madelaine listens, engages and supports people in a calm and caring manner and easily builds trust and rapport. I highly recommend Madelaine as a train the trainer’ expert and general business advisor.

Helen TreloarKeynote Speaker at Helen TreloarMaster NLP Coach

Madelaine is a focused, highly organised, efficient business person. I have worked with her for 8 years and would highly recommend her business savvy in any business.

Megan KasselSole TraderGGM Accounting Services

I have known Madelaine for several years and have witnessed her unique panache and passion for business, entrpreneurialism and marketing and would have no hesitation in recommending her to any business, individual or organisation looking to engage Madelaine. Madelaine has a breadth of experience including start-ups, successful businesses and consultancy and her experience coupled with her infectious drive and determination as well as knowledge enable her to coach and empower others with little effort.

When Madelaine gets involved in a new project, she is 150% committed and just makes it work and her latest venture proves just that. You will never regret your decision to engage or work with Madelaine, just do it.

Kylie GreenHead of MarketingBusiness Chicks